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Friday, December 3, 2010

Introducing Our New Best Friend,

My Dear Wife's cousin has a daughter who is finishing her studies to be a veterinary, and during her internship, a small terrier mix was brought into the clinic, severely injured by an attack from a Chow-chow. The little dog had a compound fracture of the left front shoulder, a fractured veriibrae, and puncture wounds all over, including a severed penis. The people who had him had not sought medical help for a week after the incident, and by the time they got around to bringing the dog in, severe infection had set in at the sight of the worst injury, where the bone was protruding from the upper shoulder area.

They had to amputate, and Anne got her first taste of major surgical experience. They removed the entire shoulder socket, scapula (if that is what you call it), and closed it up. The dog nearly died, but survived, despite severe pain and suffering. Anne took him home and nursed him back to health, but her situation made it impossible to keep him, and that is where we came in.

 My other Granddaughter has a pair of Chihuahuas, and I must admit they are cute little rats, and also that I allowed on a couple of occasions that these little critters lend themselves well to motorcycling and to a sailboat...

So, to to cut to the chase, we agreed to take the dog.  Anne flew to Tucson with the dog on Monday, and we drove down to meet her at the airport when she arrived. It looks like the deal is going to take. He is a charmer, and gets around just fine on his three good legs. He has no clue that he is handicapped, and his left frong corner looks like it never had a leg in the first place. He is about 10 months old, still a pup, but we are going to get along just fine. He already is beginning to know his new name---TRES---as in "uno, dos, tres," and is learning to "come," "kennel," and "sit." I do not plan to teach him to "heel," as his gait makes it somewhat awkward. He goes on the leash well, and his house-breaking is going well. We crate him at night, as he still may not have the capacity to "hold it" all night if not confined to a little "nest." They seldom mess in their nest unless left too long and have no recourse.

In short, I am conquered. This little guy has me by the heart, and we are going to have a long and happy relationship. Every growing boy needs a dog...

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Our New Best Friend, TRES

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