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Monday, January 19, 2015

vita brevis est

Yes, life is short. In preparing for my version of "Death Cafe," I have been doing some reading, looking for ideas, quotes, concepts, questions, and philosophies. The ridiculously short lives we live, as compared to the estimated age of the universe, or of whatever it is that we are a part of, came abruptly into focus when I did the math regarding how many days I have lived, and how many I may (or may not) have left.

I presently am 80.91 years of age, having but 26 days until my next age marker. That computes to approximately 29, 532.15 days. According to the social security actuarial estimates, a male of my age can expect to live 8.3 more years. A brief application of multiplication reveals that I may expect, barring unforeseen accident, disease or self-infliction, 2,930.95 more days! And, that ain't much! Ninety (90!) per cent of my life is behind---gone, done, kaput! In the context of the estimated age of the universe as somewhere around 4 to 7 billion YEARS, eight plus decades is utterly ridiculous. I would compute the per centage a span of eighty years is compared to 4 billion, but my calculator will not handle nine zeroes. Suffice it that is is practically incalculable---a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of one per cent at best.

Where does that leave us? It can leave us in a deep dark hole. What's the use? Why botha, as Bette Midler said in a hilarious sketch she once did for Johnny Carson. Why botha indeed? The only reason i can reasonably deal with is to say, "I am here, and it is a privilege. Whatever time I have left is up to me to navigate in the best way I determine. I can accept it and make the most of the life I have had and that remains, or I can dwell on the rapidly approaching end and lament the cruelty of the joke, desperate to avoid an end that is certain and final. The end will be the same, regardless, so I choose to live it fully until I can no longer. I relish my good fortune, without, I hope, gloating. I keep "mortem" (death) in mind as a reminder that time is short, and what experience awaits is to be taken in a sense of good humor and contentment. The time is past for great accomplishments, and the opportunity for changing the world is slim at best. One can only hope to make small inroads against hatred, fear, oppression, poverty and the rest of the ills of the world. That said, I all too frequently fail to "carpe diem."

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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It's A New Year!

Twenty fourteen is gone, and good riddance! We are in the new year, and I do not hold out much hope for improvement. We are still in Afghanistan, back in Iraq, and have more likelihood that the people who pass for government leaders will contintue to do nothing of significance---and that may be the good news. 

Oil and therefore gasoline prices are at 5 year lows, and that brings great rejoicing from the man-in-the-street, even though the longer implications are not encouraging. Theories abound, but here are two:

1) The US administration has pressured Saudi oil producers to continue production in the face of over-supply and reduced demand, in an effort to punish Mr. Putin, and by association, the Russian populace, for incursions into Ukraine (specifically by reabsorbing Crimea into the Russian Nation. In the short run, Russian economy is suffering because they cannot sustain revenues with oil prices that are well below their production costs. This in addition to US propelled sanctions is wrecking Russia's economy, and the hope is that the displeasure that results will succeed in the demise of Mr. R.

2) The Saudis are playing a squeeze game on the United States, because oil at $50/barrel (or lower) will cause production in the US, currently the most in the world, to suffer sharp reductions. This is because the drillers and their risk-prone bank financiers are close to the vest and require income to continue production. As these producets fail, US production and ancillary industries will suffer, at which time the Saudis will be able to cut production, thereby sharply raising prices.

That is my fuzzy understanding of current conditions vis a vis energy and gas prices. In any event, it seems that the low gasoline prices will not continue indefinitely, and we will be back at four dollar and higher gas not far down the road. This of course will be a further pressing weight on the struggling economy. Hard times ahead!

Enjoy two dollar gasoline while it lasts. In meantime, I intend to continue enjoy the fortunate good health and situation I currently experience.   

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