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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Why We Live Here

Yes, our summers (and parts of Spring and Fall) can be miserable. Over 100 days with temperatures over 100 degrees. The coolest parts of the hottest days often exceed 95 degrees. Believe me, when you get up at 0400, one of the coolest hours of the day, and the temperature is 95, you know that it will be a brutal day ahead.

BUT—-BUT—-BUT—-WE DO NOT HAVE TO SHOVEL IT! And when November, December, January, February, March, and often April roll around, we are in our glory. The past few mornings have been chilly—-one AM greeted me with 29 degrees—-quite brisk when taking my morning pre-coffee walk. I even slipped on a pair of gloves on a couple of our chillier mornings. But, IT IS A DRY COLD! As if that makes any difference.

But, by 0930 or 1000, the temperatures are usually into the fifties, and we are able to fully appreciate what passes here for “winter.” Glorious! This is the time of the year when we can really enjoy being out-of-doors and enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and temperatures in the very enjoyable ranges.  

I whined about the unbearable heat of our summers for years, and repeated said moaning year after year, until it occurred to me to try something completely different—-I quit whining and accepted the high Temps as just part of the deal. We have the bake-oven months, but the advent of the nice months, mentioned above, make those 100 degree plus days and nights fade into dim memories while we revel in our balmy “winter,” watching the weather reports come in over the television, giving us cause to see things in a proper perspective. So it’s a little hot in July. At least we are not fighting snow drifts, slippery roadways, frost bite, and life-threatening temperatures.

I have learned to appreciate this great state. It has remarkable scenery (The Grand Canyon is The Prime Attraction, and never fails to impress, always different, always beautiful, always awe-inspiring.

I am contemplating taking the Tiger back up to Tortilla Flat and Roosevelt Dam tomorrow, then up to Young (more gravel roadways; about 35 miles), Kohl Ranch, Payson, and, depending on the weather farther north, either home via US 89, or north on 89 to the turn to Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Jerome. After that, should I get that far, in to Prescott, down the Prescott Hill up the Yarnell Hill, Yarnell, Congress, and Wickenburg, then home. This whole trip is almost 400 miles, so completion depends on current conditions and the whims of yours truly.

I am awaiting handlebar risers, ordered recently, as well as pannier bags which will strap on the side panniers, and hold bike jack (on order and expected by mid month), a few basic tools, tire plugging kit, tire pump (12 volt), bike cover, and three gas bottles totaling 93 fluid ounces, or about three-fourths of a gallon. At 45 MPG, after running out and refilling with the three fuel bottles, that gives somewhere around 35 miles emergency range. Baja California may be next...


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