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A Few Personal Notes---Very Few
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Alaska/Canada Trip--2006
Two "Adventure" Bikes

I am just an old retired throttle bender. I spent 34 years as an airline pilot, and 20 as a USAF (and Air Guard) fighter pilot. I no longer fly, and will never again strap on a fighter plane and head off into the Wild Blue---but that's all right. Riding a bike, with one's butt only 3 feet off the pavement is, at my age, almost as good as flat-hatting in a jet fighter at 450 knots, 15 feet above the cold, hard ground.

I'm old, and who wants to look at old people?

I was born a long time ago, far, far away, and I grew up---sort of. I flew airplanes for 40 years, every little boy's dream (well, a lot of little boys), so that tells you something about me. I am riding motorcycles at an advanced chronological age, and it speaks volumes about my [lack] of mental maturity.

This is close enough
It Was Never A "Job," It Was Fun!

It Was Great While It Lasted (Nothing Lasts, My Friends)

I started my airline flying in DC-3s in 1959, moved later to the Piper Navajo for a couple of years, then flew the Fairchild F-27 propjet. Later, I flew the DC-9, the B-727, B-747, DC-10, Airbus A-320. I retired in 1994.

I enlisted in the Air Force in 1953,qualified for Aviation Cadets, and entered Pilot training in Class 55-India,graduating in February, 1955. I retired from military service in 1973, after 20 years, attaining the rank of 0-6. In the Air Force I flew lots of airplanes; Piper Super Cub, T-6, T-28, T-33, F-89, F-86L, and the F-102. These airplanes were mostly obsolete by the time I flew them, and I never got to fly a first line fighter, but I had a great time. There were others, but these were the main planes in my flying life. I had a ball!

In 1969, I volunteered for a stint in Southeast Asia, and flew 53 missions out of Danang AB, SVN during my 90 day TDY (Temporary Duty). It wasn't much of a contribution, but at least I showed up.

Flying was my life, but the FAA and the government had a policy that airline pilots had to retire at age 60, so 12 years ago (February 1994), I flew my last airline trip. They did me a huge favor, because, had they allowed it, I would have kept flying forever. Forced retirement made me find other interests, and I discovered that there is a life without airplanes.

Life is good.

And who cares about my favorites except me?

Face it, you don't care what movies I like, and what does that have to do with riding a motorcycle?

I do have favorites, but why expose my bad taste?