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Alaska/Canada Trip--2006

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Alaska/Canada Trip--2006
Two "Adventure" Bikes

Here are some pictures from the Adventure trip taken 06/29/06 to 07/31/06

Salmon Glacier, 20 Miles North of Hyder, Alaska

This is Salmon Glacier, 5th largest Glacier in North
America. It is located about 20 miles North of Hyder, AK, which is the Southernmost point in Alaska to which you can drive. It is just across the border from Stewart, BC, Canada

Fireweed along the Steese Highway, Northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska

This purple (lavender?) flower is fireweed, the first thing to come back after a forest fire. This was taken on the Steese Highway, the road to Circle Alaska.

After a muddy ride on the Dempster Highway--the road to Inuvik, NWT, 496 unpaved miles one way

This blurry picture gives an idea of what it can be like on some of the unpaved roads up North when conditions are wet. This was taken in Eagle Plains, NWT, halfway point between the Klondike Loop Highway and Inuvik, NWT. We had ridden about 7 hours in rain and mud. I had taken a nifty spill in some deep and slippery mud just a few kilometers up the road, and was very glad to find the hotel, a hot shower, and some hot food.

My boots after ride from Inuvik and a couple of spills in mud and slime

They are no strangers to mud there in Eagle Plains. The hotel entry has a foyer where you leave your muddy footwear before proceeding in to the lobby. I left mine here overnight, then cracked the dried mud off the next day.